Sustainable Going Out Clothes from Eco-Friendly and Quality Materials

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Today, there are many providers of sustainable going out clothes that offer top quality, functionality and at competitive prices. Of course, it is also in accordance with environmentally friendly principles. More and more people are realizing that sustainability is an important aspect of life.

Considering what has happened to planet earth lately with environmental pollution as the main factor. Therefore, various sustainable fashion brands have started to emerge to fulfill the needs and change the fashion industry to be more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Going Out Clothes from Eco-Friendly and Quality Materials

Recommended Sustainable Going Out Clothes Brands

Environmental pollution is indeed the main cause of the earth’s destruction, but in fact, fast fashion is one of the industries that contribute the most to pollution and pollution in the world. The overproduction of clothing is very dangerous for the peace of the planet.

Not to mention that garment production also harms farmers and other food producers because of the chemicals and waste produced. Fortunately, there are now many eco-friendly clothing brands that support sustainable methods. These brands rely on organic materials such as low-impact dyes and recycled natural materials, to produce organic and eco-friendly clothing products.

Quoted from, buying or shopping for clothing brands is one of the simple tips to fill an eco-friendly wardrobe. In addition, switching from clothing companies that have a bad impact on the environment to companies that care about the environment, provides many benefits for humans and the earth.

Some of the recommended eco-friendly clothing brands are as follows:


The first sustainable going out clothes brand is Patagonia. This is a well-known outdoor clothing brand from California. The brand focuses its emphasis on sustainability which has evolved as the brand has grown.

The brand also promotes the reuse of clothing and gear. It has also long been publishing its eco-friendly products that are suitable for outdoor wear.


As a certified B Corp, Tentree upholds human and environmental impact in every production process. True to its name, the company plants 10 trees for every clothing product purchased.

In fact, the brand plans to plant one billion trees by 2030. Tentree’s clothing line is perfect for outdoor or casual wear lovers who prioritize sustainability.


Gandys is one of the leading sustainable going out clothes brands. The company is a charity that helps underprivileged children around the world get access to better education, treatment and food.

Not just clothes, this brand also guarantees that each of its products are in line with sustainable living programs. You can get a range of formal and daily wear to luggage with eco-friendly materials through this brand.

Difference between Eco-friendly and Non-Eco-friendly Clothing Brands

The difference between the two is actually quite clear. If eco-friendly clothing brands are in line with the concept of sustainable living, then non-sustainable clothing brands are the opposite. Sustainable fashion also prioritizes love for the environment. It’s not just limited to throwing trash in its place, recycling, replanting trees and sustainable living practices.

Those are some brands of sustainable going out clothes that you can make as a choice.