Affordable Non Fast Fashion Brands Recommendations

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Affordable non fast fashion brands are so interesting. They can give you the best fashion items but are still environmentally safe.

The issue of environmental damage is indeed getting bigger. Many people are aware of how fashion items can damage the environment and pollute the Earth.

Affordable Non Fast Fashion Brands Recommendations

4 Affordable Non Fast Fashion Brands

In the fashion industry, the term fast fashion is famous. Fast fashion itself is a business model that exists to imitate high-class fashion trends and designs.

Fast fashion production occurs en masse and at low costs. That way, it also cooks quite quickly when demand is very high.

Many people like fast fashion because the prices are cheap and the models vary. However, the impact of fast fashion is that too many fashion items change quickly.

The fast fashion industry also uses cheap and dangerous textile dyes. This can cause water pollution and pose a risk to human health.

Interestingly, many people have begun to realize the dangers of fashion that is not environmentally friendly. For those who want to get non-fast fashion products, here are some environmentally friendly fashion brands.


First there is a brand called Toad&Co. This is a brand that makes sustainable fashion. Toad&Co’s superior products are basics, outwear, sweats and various accessories.

Fashion products from Toad&Co are also unisex, that is, there are options for men and women. This brand from Santa Barbara, United States supports organic, vegan and recycled with the best quality.

For the price itself, Toad&Co products are quite affordable. The price range is from $50 to $200 so it is suitable for everyone.


Next there is the Reformation. This brand offers sustainable fashion items which are definitely environmentally friendly.

reformation is one of the affordable non-fashion brands that offers various products for women. Their products include basic, denim, sweats, activewear, loungewear and even swimwear to underwear.

This brand really prioritizes the values ​​of organic, recycled, and made in the USA. The prices for Reformation products start from $10 to $370 with extraordinary quality.


Thought is a brand that offers affordable fashion trends for men and women. This brand, which originates from London, United Kingdom, prioritizes organic, recycled and give back values.

There are lots of affordable fashion trend products on offer, ranging from loungewear, nightwear, jewelry, bags, outerwear, accessories, underwear, to basics. These are all in the $10 to $150 price range.


Patagonia is a brand from Ventura, United States. This brand’s products target the market for men, women and even children.

The values ​​that Patagonia prioritizes are local, recycled, organic, give back and environmentally friendly B Crop. Patagonia offers various fashion items, such as basics, accessories, outerwear, bags, underwear and activewear.

Patagonia’s market is also those looking for sports equipment, such as climbing, skiing, snowboarding, trail running and others. Patagonia prices are also quite affordable, starting from just $10 to $150.

These brands offer quality environmentally friendly fashion products. Because it is non-fast fashion, this product is also good for the health of its users.

So, people no longer need to be afraid of wearing sustainable fashion. Because, now there are many brands that prioritize sustainability but are still attractive and high quality.

Affordable non fast fashion brands will change the lives of their users. Environmentally friendly fashion items will have a positive impact on society in the future, especially amidst the current threat of damage to the Earth.