Eco-friendly Hijab Brand, Look Elegant While Protecting the Environment

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This eco-friendly hijab brand can be a recommendation. In Islamic teachings, hijab is an important part of clothing that every Muslim woman must wear to cover her ‘awrah. For that reason, along with the advancement in the fashion world, hijab has become one of the important aspects of popular Muslim fashion.

Eco-friendly Hijab Brand

Recommended Eco-Friendly Hijab Brand

It is not surprising that many business people are involved in the production of hijab with various shapes, models, and concepts that are environmentally friendly. In the international fashion industry, several brands have produced eco-friendly hijab.

There are a number of eco-friendly hijabs that use the best materials that are hypoallergenic and soft on the skin.

Bamboo Hijab by Artizara

Artizara is a modest fashion brand originating from California, United States. Because, the founder herself is a Muslim woman named Sarah Ansari. This eco-friendly hijab produced by Artizara uses the main material of bamboo. This material has the ability to absorb sweat and excess moisture. So that it can maintain the comfort of its users.

This product has a fashionable design with a soft texture, light weight, and provides a sense of coolness. So it is suitable for you to use in various weather conditions, including during hot weather.

The Green Hijab by Waste2Wear

This brand originated from Malaysia and focuses on fulfilling the needs of women who are looking for eco-friendly products. One of the prominent features of this product is the use of recycled plastic bottles as its main material.

Moreover, Green Hijab has an effective approach in recycling plastic to create women’s fashion products. Thus contributing to the protection of the environment.


Established in 2011 by a multi-talented muslimah named Reema M Momin, this store aims to provide high quality muslimah clothing. It is both affordable and eco-friendly.

This eco-friendly hijab brand has fashionable and practical designs for daily use. It offers attractive colour options with stylish cuts.


Another brand that offers eco-friendly hijab is Sadoq from Amsterdam. The brand’s hijab fabric is made from organic bamboo that you can use in various settings, both formal and non-formal.

The fabric woven from organic bamboo uses natural dyes and has the advantage of light weight and soft texture.

Queendom Hijabs

Queendom Hijabs is a Canadian creation of Abeer that also focuses on eco-friendliness. This hijab brand uses natural materials such as bamboo, soya, and organic cotton. This creates a hijab fabric that feels cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

The beauty of this product lies in the use of organic cotton and eco-friendly bamboo. Although due to the lightness of the fabric, it sometimes requires an extra safety pin to maintain neatness.


Under-Rapt is a modest athleisure brand that focuses on sportswear that remains modest. Like other brands, it also offers eco-friendly products.

The brand is popular for its modest designs with a touch of athletic style that makes it fit into contemporary trends.


Gulshaan is a French brand that was the first to launch eco-friendly Islamic fashion. Founded by Imaan from Pakistan in 2015, the brand uses natural elements in its products to maintain environmental sustainability.

The strength of this eco-friendly hijab brand is its durable hand-embroidery. Although some of its products are considered too thin by some consumers.