Slow Fashion Brand for Sustainability To Check Out

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Slow fashion brand for sustainability are now becoming a trend. Lots of people have realized that slow fashion brands are better for the environment.

In this time, lots of people relieze and choose to leave fast fashion. You should stop spending your money on fast fashion brands because it’s just a waste.

Now, it’s better if you support a more responsible fashion industry. There are bunch of slow fashion brands are sure to win you over.

Slow Fashion Brand for Sustainability

Slow Fashion Brand for Sustainability Recommendations

You might have heard about slow fashion. As it names, slow fashion is the opposite of the “fast fashion”.

Slow fashion is about being more mindful and thoughtful about how clothing or other fashion items are being produced, how they’re being purchased, and how they’re being used/worn.

Instead of just mass-producing garments cheaply and quickly, slow fashion products are about creating a piece to last longer by high-quality materials.

The designs of slow fashions are also transitional that means they’re not super trendy and also durable.

For individuals, slow fashion purchasing habits mean buying less fashion products but better quality. This concept is not only about money but also to appreciate your clothes and closet.

Slow fashion is also good for sustainability. Here are some fashion brands that focus on slow fashion.

Solios Watches

First brand is Solios Watches. It is a watch brand that will help wearers save on the waste of the 20 quartz batteries within the lifetime of the watch

If most movements were powered by solar energy like Solios watches, around 1 billion watch batteries would be saved each year.

Their watches are using material like recycled stainless steel, plastic-free packaging, and eco vegan cork leather.


Next slow fashion brand for sustainability is Banai. Banai is one of the brand that offers an array of timeless pieces. They’re also treated with natural dyes.

All this brand products are feature distinctive embroidered patches. They have been crafted by artisans from Kutch, Gujarat.

Banai uses Craftsmanship for the center. So, you will recieve a well-made, high-quality item from this slof fashion brand.


This next slow fashion brand crafts garments inspired by the classic wardrobe staple that are anything but basic.

GRAMMAR NYC uses organic cotton and ethical, also small batch production. Size range of their products are 0 to 12. This brand is so good for your wardrobe.

These companies are the best option for you who want to move from fast to slow fashion. Slow fashion brand for sustainability is good for the environment and of course your bank account.