Vegan Leather Alternatives Paves the Way for Sustainable Fashion

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Leather is one of the classics and can last a long time. Leather is also a questionable investment for animal lovers and environmentalists. Globally, innovators are producing vegan leather alternatives that are beautiful and durable without harming the earth. These alternatives can even last as long as leather, from boots and other products.

Vegan Leather Alternatives Paves the Way for Sustainable Fashion

Vegan Leather Alternatives Pave the Way for Sustainable Fashion

Unlike traditional leather production that often uses harsh chemicals, high carbon emissions, and excessive water usage. Most plant-based vegan leather uses PU or other additives. Whether it’s to stabilize the material or as a support material. Instead of animal skins or synthetic materials, vegan leather can be an eco-friendly option.


Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly materials and has long been useful as a waterproof organic material in floor tiles. It’s easier to recycle, completely natural, and comes from cork oak forests. It can also be useful for various industries that help prevent desertification and deforestation. Brands that use this material include Bobobark, Mat and Nat, and many others.

Waxed Cotton

Waxed cotton can be a perfect substitute for vegan leather alternatives and has the characteristics of being pliable, waterproof, washable, and eco-friendly. Brands that use this material, such as 7 for all mankind and Marc Jacobs have long used this leather for jeans and bags.


This material is made from pineapple bush waste and is 100% vegan. Moreover, its production is ethical in the sense that it gives pineapple farmers another source of income from their harvest. It feels like thick cowhide, is durable, and waterproof. H&M recently made a lot of cowboy boots out of it. There are also Jord, Svala, and Dan & Mez.

Hana plant

Craftsmen from Sri Lanka utilize the thick leaves of the Hana plant. This plant is eco-friendly and uses it to produce another form of eco-friendly vegan leather. This plant produces fine fibers that are then woven into accessories. Brands using this material include products from Kantala that use natural dyes.


While it’s hard to believe that paper can be as strong as leather, you can see real cathedrals made of cardboard. Bottega Veneta realized this when it created the beautiful Carta Giapponese paper bag. With an elegant clutch made of tightly woven washi, fine paper taken from the bark of the fast-growing kozo tree.

The washi is cut, then the edges go through a careful weaving process. There are also Paper Handbags from Ilvy Jacobs and Engage Green that utilize exceptional paper in their designs. These vegan leather alternatives also have an excellent range of advantages.