Recommended Organic Cotton Clothing Brands for the Whole Family

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Plants without toxic pesticides can harm the environment, farmers, and producers. Today, a wide variety of organic cotton clothing is available as an eco-friendly and healthier alternative to non-organic textile materials. This cotton is healthier for consumers and better for the earth as it does not pollute the environment around us.

Recommended Organic Cotton Clothing Brands for the Whole Family

Recommended Organic Cotton Clothing Brands for the Whole Family

Below we will discuss some brands that provide affordable prices to start an eco-friendly clothing collection. While some are priced higher, there are still plenty of budget-friendly brands to choose from.

Organic Basics

They use eco-friendly materials that will last a long time. Products range from adult underwear, basic t-shirts and tanks, and also cozy leggings. These sustainable basics are not only ethical but also low-waste. So they are perfect for traveling as they don’t create odor and will stay fresh after wearing.


WVN, formerly known as Synergy Organic Clothing, uses GOTS-certified organic cotton. They also ensure that everyone has a healthy, safe, and fair trading work environment. You can get models of women’s dresses and skirts that you can use wherever you live.

Cran Organic

Cran Organik offers eco-friendly basic materials that are soft for children. The products range from t-shirts, boxer briefs, sweaters, and many more. Cran Organik uses eco-friendly and non-toxic fabrics. For example, TENCEL, hemp, and GOTS certified organic cotton.


If you’re looking for eco-friendly organic cotton clothing that’s super comfortable, Obakki’s essential collection is a great choice. From tanks, t-shirts, long-sleeved hoodies and also other products for everyone, they are made from 100% organic cotton. The production uses holistic manufacturing produced in small batches through sustainable partnerships with artisans.


This brand actually carries many eco-friendly products for the entire home. It also includes a collection of basics that are essential for any closet. The collection offers several pieces and several different solid colors. All the products have been ethically designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert is a CA-based eco-friendly brand that offers a collection of chic and modern clothing. It includes jumpsuits, dresses, and pants that use organic cotton. This Amour Vert collection only exists in limited quantities to ensure high production standards and eliminate excessive waste. In fact, the production of 97% of Amour Vert’s clothing is just a few miles from the office in San Francisco.

Conscious Step

Conscious Step produces socks that support your cause. When you visit their website, you can choose the cause closest to your heart. They recently brought children’s socks into the mix as well. Their Fair Trade socks are made from clean organic cotton. Conscious Step can be one of your organic cotton clothing brand choices.