Best-Selling Stylish Fair Trade Apparel Brands Make Fashion Sustainable

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When making a purchase, it’s natural to wonder about the brand of the product. Fashion products themselves have a bad track record, which is why knowing the brand and the mastermind behind the clothes is even more important. Here we will discuss and recommend some fair trade apparel brands that you can try to get more comfort.

Best-Selling Stylish Fair Trade Apparel Brands Make Fashion Sustainable

Best-Selling Stylish Fair Trade Apparel Brands for Sustainable Fashion

While it does offer on-trend comfort, fast fashion can be damaging to the environment. By buying fair trade brands, we can also support more ethical labor standards. We also support safe, fair working conditions, fair wages, and programs that invest in the people and communities where products are made.


Pact offers super soft eco-friendly clothing for children and adults. From the planting, harvesting of organic cotton, to the final sewing process, they do it as responsibly and cleanly as possible. They also use non-GMO cotton which is great for you to use. Pact is one of the go-to brands for basics and underwear.


Patagonia is one of the brands using recycled materials and switching to organic cotton. The brand also continues to expand its commitment to ethical labor and works with factories in the US. Patagonia produces eco-friendly outdoor clothing for everyone.

Ten Trees

Tentree’s earth-first clothing is made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, hemp, and TENCEL. In addition, tentree also strives to make their clothing easier for everyone to access in price.

The Good Tee

As one of the fair trade apparel brands, The Good Tee offers fairly traded organic cotton t-shirts and basic clothing for all. As a positive example in the world of ethical fashion, the products they create use only Fair Trade certified cotton and certified eco-friendly dyes.


They make their own signature handmade prints inspired by their travels. This journey is about a creative take on fashion without compromising on ethics. You can find everything from basics to casual wear, dresses, jewelry to kimonos.


This travel wear brand offers eco-friendly swimwear, sportswear and casual wear. Over 1.5 million measurements, Summersalt has created a range of attractive and versatile clothing. They are responsibly made in WRAP factories and are certified sustainable. They also use materials such as recycled polyamide, cruelty-free wool and regenerative copper.

Fair Trade Winds

Fair Trade Wings features the best fair trade fashion brands that create clothes in an ethical way. Each piece in the collection represents the hard work of talented artisans. These fair trade apparel brands are perfect for those who want to invest in clothes that last a lifetime.